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June 28th 2014

The markets are now positioned to provide 2 very good profitable trading opportunities starting July 2014 right up until November 2014.

Would you like to know exactly where to Enter and Exit for a potential gain of £24,000 – £39,000 profit within 4 months?

This important seminar has been created to show you how to capture the upcoming moves.

Did you know that a leading UK Government Advisory has warned the Daily Telegraph readers that Middle Classes will soon disappear and that House Prices will not be affordable anymore?

“House Prices, the Stock Markets and also Jobs are now back at High Risk levels.”

There are 3 Timing Indicators which are Now at a “Critical” level and it’s important that you understand how to protect your own personal wealth and also how to know exactly when the markets are about to turn negative. The general public are not even aware of these 3 indicators and this will be shown at the upcoming event.

The same indicator that was shown on TV in 2007 before the market crash that warned of a financial disaster is now providing the exact same warning signal. The second signal was shown before the property market crashed and the third signal was shown on TV in December 2013 warning that July 2014 could be at the next Major turning point.

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With the Global Stock Markets reaching new highs for 2014 and house prices at record levels, many traders and investors are looking for New ways to capture profits in an uncertain market environment. According to the Media we are now out of a recession and back on track for a positive economic recovery. This may not be the whole truth and this New Program for traders and investors reveals how you can profit from today’s markets as well as upcoming opportunities.

And as a Special Bonus for this Event, you will be shown how placing two simple Orders each Month can deliver £1000 to £5000 in Tax Free Profits. This method will be demonstrated step-by-step at the Saturday 20th September 2014 event in London.

Previous attendees have already enjoyed profits from this method in 2014 and then also joined a further Free Complimentary 3-day training program in Spain. Come and see how this was achieved.

Every month there are so many opportunities to Profit from. What if you took  just one?

Tickets are Free – simply register below…

If you would really like to learn and are ready to earn a substantial income with real strategies used by Professional traders and Investors, then this Special Edition – Complimentary Seminar on Saturday 20th September 2014 Seminar is a MUST ATTEND for you to learn a New and Dynamic way to earn a regular income in today’s markets.

In the Upcoming Opportunities Seminar you will learn about:

  • A Simple Order Method which delivers £1000+ Profits each Month
  • Learn to Use Simple Price Patterns to earn extra Monthly Income
  • Will the Market Crash in 2014 and How can you Profit if it does?
  • See why the Property Market is at a High Risk level starting in July
  • Why jobs are now at full risk again and what you can do about this
  • What you can do Now to avoid being part of the upcoming recession
  • How you can use market profits for deposits on properties

See these New Winning Strategies Live, and watch how you can learn these in just a few hours and how you can start benefiting today.

Discover real trading strategies used by Professional traders and Market Makers who make incredible profits using these techniques. This powerful seminar shows you how to get started today so you can enjoy instant results.

Tickets are Free – simply register below…

The Saturday 20th September seminar is from 10.00 am – 1.00pm and Free if you register today. (Avoid the £49.00 Ticket price if you book early).

All registered people on the form below will also get access to Free Webinars, Seminars and Newsletters.

Trading smart and like a professional doesn’t have to be complicated. In fact some of the best trading strategies are actually very simple. This workshop will show you exactly how to copy the professional trading strategies which captures large profits with low risks. Join a leading expert in this workshop who will show you step-by-step how to become a better and more effective trader.

“I have attended many seminars and courses over the past 9 years. This program is by far The Best for Trading Strategies, Simplicity and Market Timing that I have seen. It was worth my time traveling 3 hours to pick up some very valuable information not seen anywhere else.”
-Andrew Moore

Learn how to prepare and trade using simple and effective trading strategies for the month ahead…

Sandy Jadeja from will provide a complimentary half day workshop teaching you from the latest research how to profit on a daily basis using powerful new trading strategies which are being shown for the first time.

Don’t miss this fantastic opportunity to benefit from over 24 years of industry experience as Sandy provides current trading opportunities to profit from and provide proven ‘take-away’ techniques in clear and plain English. Whatever your level of experience,whether you are a beginner or an experienced trader, this seminar will provide you with new ideas and professional strategies that work for today’s markets. Learn the skills and knowledge required to trade like a professional with the view to earning a substantial income that grows each month and year-on- year.

By the end of this 3 hour Workshop, you should have gained a profound insight into how to improve your odds for successful trading…

Reserve your seat for Saturday 20th September 2014 London Seminar

Please note the Seminar is Free if you register today but we only have limited seats so please register as quickly as possible. Tickets are priced at £49.00 for late bookings. All registered people on the form below will also get access to Free Monthly Webinars and Newsletters along with Trade Alerts. (Venue details will also be sent by email and SMS after you have registered).
  • Select the Seminar of your choice and a seat will be allocated to you. If you are bringing a friend please ensure they have registered as seats will be allocated on a name basis.

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Sandy jadeja has been has been voted in the top 50 most influential people for Forex, CFD’s and Spread Betting. He has been opening minds, challenging perceptions and enriching lives with an inspirational style in his very unique way. Thousands of students from UK, Europe, USA to Asia have enjoyed and benefited from his style of teaching.

Filled with valuable insights and techniques with precise rules and formulas, learn from one of UK’s most respectful Market Strategists how this program can help you to simplify your trading with improved results.

We offer interactive, easy-to-learn, workshops which help you build confidence for your trading business by providing multiple proven trading strategies which best suits your needs and trading style.

We’re passionate about helping you improve your personal trading experience and therefore generate more profits for your trading business and increase your results.

Come and explore classes on Trading Strategies, Technical Analysis and Trading Psychology in an uplifting approach with with Sandy Jadeja. Classes take place over evenings and weekends with Free Admission but advanced booking is required.

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