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Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Booking Terms & Conditions for participants of all Events & Courses held by Master Trading Strategies or SignalPro UK Ltd
These booking conditions set out your agreement with Master Trading Strategies or SignalPro UK Ltd and apply to the Events and Courses you have specified and for which you wish to enrol, to the exclusion of all other terms and conditions issued or stipulated by anyone else other than Master Trading Strategies or SignalPro UK Ltd.

In these terms and conditions, all references to “us”, “our” and “we” mean Master Trading Strategies or SignalPro UK Ltd and all Events and Courses will be known as “the Event/course” and all references to the “website” mean

We’ve tried to keep the fine-print to a minimum, but the information below is important so please read on!

You are fully aware that the Events/courses constitute “information only” and does not constitute financial recommendations or advice. These terms & conditions may change from time to time and you may find the most current version on this website. These terms & conditions are applicable worldwide.

“Events” means an event that takes place over a small number of hours ranging between 30minutes and 10hours.
“Course” means an event that takes place over more than one day.

1. Rescheduling your enrollment
If you find that you are unable to attend the course on the dates for which you have enrolled, you may transfer your enrolment, to the same course that we may convene provided you do so at least thirty (45) days prior to the original course date and that your rescheduled date occurs within 12 months of the original course date. In the case of rescheduling, there is a £95 admin fee to transfer into a later course that we have scheduled. You also agree that we may not convene the same or similar course again and that there is no obligation on us to do so, except for future course dates that we have opened up and accepted bookings for.
If you do not reschedule as per the conditions stipulated above you will forfeit the money you paid to attend and you will have no other claim against us for a refund or compensation.

2. Transferring tickets
In the event that you cannot attend to receive the Event/course for which you booked, your ticket is transferable to another person, provided that you identify to us the person to whom you wish to transfer your ticket together with full contact details for your substitute, at least thirty (30) days before the Event/course. Once the transfer has taken place the transferee will be bound by the same terms & conditions as the original ticket holder.

3. Enrollment Deposit & Payments for Enrollment
We will not deem you to be enrolled until we receive a payment from you equal to or greater than the minimum deposit required for the course you are enrolling for.

4. Event/Course changes
We may for any reason deem it necessary to change the Event/course dates, venue, speaker or hours and if so we will do so by notifying you in writing of the changes we make. In such circumstances, you retain the right to reschedule your enrollment in accordance with our rescheduling policy.

5. Event cancellation
If for any reason we deem it necessary to do so, we may cancel any Event/course by notifying you in writing, in which case, we will refund the total amount you have paid for your enrollment. This is your sole right and remedy against us and you will have no other claim against us for a refund or for compensation.

6. Enrollment cancellation
If you choose to cancel your enrollment for any reason, other than within the cooling-off period as per paragraph 8, or any state or federal law, you will receive a credit for the total amount you have paid less the value of any products received with your enrollment as listed in Paragraph 8. In the case of canceling any course you may incur a cancellation charge depending on how long before the commencement of the course Master Trading Strategies or SignalPro UK Ltd receives a written request for cancellation.

7. Money-Back Guarantee
If the Event/course you are attending has provided a money back guarantee, you may only request a full refund from the workshop event manager at the conclusion of the Event/course on the final day. You must attend all sessions and participate with courtesy, manners and respect in all activities to the best of my ability to qualify for a refund. The refund period expires 2hrs after the end of the Event/course.

8. Cooling-off period
If you notify us in writing by email to or or written or typed letter to Signalpro UK Ltd, 22 Rutland Gardens, London N4 1JP, within 7 calendar days from the date of signing your enrollment agreement or registering for the course online or via phone that you wish to cancel your enrollment, then we will refund you the total amount you have paid to us in respect of that enrollment less the administration fee of £95.00

9. Refunds
Should a refund be due to you, we will process it within 10 working days from the date that Master Trading Strategies or SignalPro UK Ltd acknowledges that refund is due to you and must be within and in line with the requirement for section 8.

10. Intellectual property
By providing you with the Materials and the information presented in the course of our performing the Event/course, we do not transfer title to you in or of any of Our Intellectual Property and you may not:

(a) alter any of Our Intellectual Property, including the Materials,or copy or reproduce the content of the Event/course or of the Materials or record them by audio, visual or audio-visual means, in any format, or

(b) on-sell the intellectual property or the Materials or make them available for public viewing or hire, to or by any third party.
You authorize us to use any digital, film or other recording of your participation in the Event/course for any purpose, at our discretion, including without limitation, in connection with the marketing and promotion of Event Services and concede that we shall have sole right to the intellectual property therein.

11. Limitation of Liability
Master Trading Strategies or SignalPro UK Ltd does not accept liability for accident, injury or loss suffered while attending the Event/course except in respect of death or personal injury resulting from any act or omission on the part of the supplier. We: (a) exclude all terms, conditions and warranties implied by custom, the general law or statute or which may cause any part of these Terms or Conditions to be void or voidable; (b) limit our liability to you on any account whatsoever to the total amount actually paid by you to us to receive the Event/course; (c) limit our liability to you for any claim (whether arising in contract, tort or statute, for loss or damage suffered by you, connected with or relating to the performance of the Event or your attendance at the Event, to the total amount actually paid by you to us, to receive the Event/course; and (d) exclude all liability for consequential damage (including but not limited to, lost revenue or lost profit) suffered by you in any way connected to the Event/course or your exercise of rights under these Terms and Conditions.

12. Mental, Emotional & Physical Well-being
At all times you are responsible for your own mental, emotional and physical well-being. You warrant that you are able to judge what activities are suitable for you. You acknowledge that we are not aware of any conditions you may have and you hold us to be without any blame for any mental, physical or emotional loss, damage or harm that arises from your attendance.

13. Disclosure
We may pay commissions to third parties arising from your entering into this agreement with us.

14. General
The laws of England govern this agreement and you agree to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English Courts.

Please email us at or if you have a Terms and Conditions concern.

Note that the Terms and Conditions is subject to change at any time.

Last revised: October, 2012

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Terms and Conditions

Booking Terms & Conditions for participants of all Events & Courses held by Master Trading Strategies or SignalPro. These booking conditions set out your agreement with Master Trading Strategies or SignalPro. Read more